Voorheesville NY Furnace Repair: Keeping Warm All Winter Long

This week, Voorheesville is experiencing some warmer than normal temperatures. Of course, we know how quickly that can change. December usually means we're in the snowy season. Even though we don't see any flakes yet....we know it's coming soon! Is your furnace ready for the coming heating season? What will you do if your furnace breaks down? Do you know who to call when you need furnace repair in Voorheesville, NY? If you don't want to wear … [Read more...]

Voorheesville NY: Is Your Heating System Ready for Winter?

Right now, we're enjoying some beautiful autumn weather - but winter's cold winds are right around the corner. Is your home heating system up to the challenge of another Voorheesville winter? That's an important question! Winters in our region can be extremely cold.  It's not unusual for the temperature to dip below zero.  You need your home heating system to be dependable and reliable.  A furnace that stops working on a freezing cold night … [Read more...]