Voorheesville Senior Spotlight: Furnace Repair

Attention Caregivers: Winter is here! Cold weather holds  special dangers for seniors. It is the elderly (along with small children; apparently, the more things change, the more they remain the same) who have the hardest time maintaining their interior body temperatures.  There are several reasons for this, including the fact that many seniors have health conditions, take medications, or have undergone physiological changes over the years that make staying warm difficult.  When older people are subjected to a chill, and their core body temperature drops, they have a harder time getting warmed up again.

That’s why it is essential that the furnace or home heating system in a senior’s home is kept in good, working repair. Experts recommend having the furnace serviced annually.  This is essential for two reasons.  Having your Voorheesville furnace repair service check the furnace over completely ensures that the furnace is operating safely. Additionally, having filters, nozzles, belts, and other components cleaned and repaired as needed also makes the furnace operate more efficiently. This saves your senior fuel and money. Many seniors are on a fixed budget; any opportunity to save money is more than welcome.

Another issue seniors face is finding ethical furnace repairmen. There are unscrupulous people out there who take advantage of the elderly. They know that seniors have no choice: when it’s freezing cold, you have to have heat in the house. The result? Artificially inflated repair bills, repairs badly done (or not at all!) and in the worst case scenario, seniors can become the victims of intimidation and additional crimes.  Combat this by choosing a Voorheesville furnace repair professional who has a sterling reputation. True professionals will treat your senior with respect, do a through assessment of what the problem is, and fix the furnace quickly.  When in doubt, check with your local better business bureau and senior advocacy groups.