Voorheesville Furnace Repair: Why Is My Fuel Bill So High?

“I’ve lived in this house for 12 years,” Ronald M. said.  “And in that time, you get a pretty good idea what it’s going to cost to run the furnace all winter long.  This year, though, all of a sudden, my fuel bill suddenly skyrocketed – and it hasn’t been that cold! What’s going on?”

Ronald tried asking his fuel company that question.  While home heating fuel prices have gone up, the increase wasn’t enough to explain the stratospheric rise in his heating bill.  They recommended he call his Voorheesville plumber – and fast.

“It turns out that there were some mechanical problems with my furnace. Fuel was definitely being wasted!” Ronald said.  “I did wind up paying to have the furnace replaced, with a newer, safer, more efficient model – but the way I see it, I’ll still come out saving money in the long run. Who knows what my bill would have been if the situation continued?”

Furnaces that operate incorrectly can also be a safety hazard.  Having your furnace repaired can help keep your family safer from the risk of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Surprisingly, a spike in fuel usage or electric consumption can be a red flag that there is a problem with your furnace.  If you see that you are using a lot more home heating fuel, and the temperature hasn’t been especially cold, it’s time to have your Voorheesville plumber check the situation out.  Sometimes the answer is a simple fix.  Home heating service is an essential part of home maintenance. It’s during the annual service call that your Voorheesville plumber will inspect your furnace for any problems to help your furnace run more efficiently.  “It’s been longer than I want to admit since I had my furnace serviced,” Ronald said. “But I guess I’m paying for that now!”